Maui Mobile Art Classes blend the technical skill and knowledgeable curriculum of professional art education; the fun of magic and playing games; the intuitive healing and safe space of art therapy; all rolled in a new way that is truly a unique experience. It is great for the novice beginner and expert artist alike.

Melissa Bruck. Teacher. B.A. in Art from Northern Illinois University.

To view her art portfolio click here.

I have always known I wanted to be an art teacher. I was always enthralled by art of all kinds and loved sharing it with friends and family. In college, I took lots of art education classes before going on to pursue my own studio practices. I took every single studio class I could get my hands on. But now, I realize it's so I could pass it along to my students. 

I began teaching when I was in high school, starting out a local non-profit, Artistic Pursuits, where I taught 4-6 year olds. I continued after college training for an agency in Chicago.Then started my own business, Right Brain Art Class. 

When I moved to Maui in 2010, I started Rainbow Chameleon Art Productions and have been teaching privately at my art studio, as well as studio artwork and working with children by face painting and stilt walking. A special needs art student then led to teaching at La'a Kea Foundation in 2015-present. 

And finally I realize my true passion is teaching and am focusing myself to it 100%. I look forward to sharing the creative experience with you all. 


“I'm happy you exsist. I mean that. The world needs more of you."             -Ana

"This. Is Amazing. I admire your passion.”           -Danielle

Regular Teaching Gigs

La'a Kea Foundation

The ever-growing community at La'a Kea is a constant source of educational inspiration for me. I have been their art teacher for 2+ years now and they never fail to put a smile on my face. The farm stand allows adults with disabilities to thrive in a group setting. I truly feel like I am a part of their ohana. 

Private Parties in People's Homes

I host parties for people in their homes for any size. Great to celebrate an occasion or just for fun. We have come up with lots of great images from which to choose or pick a simple painting from the internet. Melissa can help you to create anything you wish in the comfort of your own home surrounded by only your closest friends!